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The best jobs for women in the early 1800s depended in large part on a person’s social class. Even then, circumstances could catapult her far above her station, or throw her flailing toward the gutter.

In her shoes, how would you fare?

Are you a fighter, or do you prefer the easy life, with servants to cater to your every whim? Wait, who wouldn’t want the latter. To be waited on. Have every ring of the bell answered with a, "How may I serve you, miss?"

Wouldn’t it be awesome to sleep in every morning, instead of getting up at 5 am to feed the dog, dress the kids and rush out the door, only to sit and fume as the ill-named rush hour traffic inched forward on the highway?

Unfortunately, unless we are born to the highest privilege, most of us must work. We have to pay the rent, put food on the Jobs for Women; Shereen Vedamtable, secure a safe place to live, and maybe even care for children.

In order to be truly happy, however, we need more from the hard work we do. We need to gain a sense of fulfillment, beyond covering the basic necessities of life. We need our lives to not just be about bread and butter. We want cake and ice cream too!

Read on to discover what those 10 jobs for women are in A Devilish Slumber --->>>

A Devilish Slumber - Sleeping Beauty small

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Quote of the Day: from A Devilish Slumber

Cool night air swept inside the carriage, generating a shiver of alarm.
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Three new novels are scheduled for release in 2017:

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Stripping off his tunic and boots, he rolled up his trews.

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Quote of the Day: from A Beastly Scandal

Do you remember that old TV series, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir? I loved it, but this book is nothing like it. In A Beastly Scandal, I suspect the ghost needs a therapist.

Book Quote!
"Ooh," her brother said. "There be ghosts at the manor house."

A Beastly Scandal
by Shereen Vedam

A Season for Giving, a Regency paranormal romance, inspired by the fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, is in the Christmas box set, One Winter's Night.
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Excerpt from A Season for Giving:

A SHHH! FROM THE opposite aisle a few rows back drew Christopher’s attention and then a vision in curls captured his attention. “Ev, who is that golden-haired beauty?”

“Viscount Locke’s gel,” Ev said, “Honoria Gilbert. Her mama attempted to marry her off last Season but failed.”

His outlook on tonight’s ball immediately improved. Miss Gilbert’s well-endowed figure was encased in a high-necked gown that constricted his breathing the longer he stared. Were all the men in Town blind? Locke had deep pockets, so a lack of dowry could not be the issue.

“Is she bookish?” he asked, but that hardly diminished her allure. He liked his women to be widely read on more matters than the latest fashion.

“Particular,” Ev whispered back.

“That is an impediment?”

Since she judges every fellow she meets as undeserving, yes.” Nick sounded piqued.

If Nick had tried to win this diamond’s favor and been rebuffed, Christopher understood his eldest brother’s peevishness. It was a rare occurrence. But that lack of success shot the lady higher in his estimation. Christopher took another look.

Her eyes were closed, as were everyone else’s, for prayers were underway. Her fist clenched beside her luscious bosom, she appeared to genuinely entreat the Almighty on an important matter. Then her gaze snapped open and swung to clash with his.

Stone strode with his lopsided gait to the window.

To Capture Love


Quote of the Day: from A Perfect Curse

"The whispers grew louder now."

A Perfect Curse

This winter, picture yourself reading
a brand new historical paranormal romance series…