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A Season for Giving, a Regency paranormal romance, inspired by the fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, is in the Christmas box set, One Winter's Night.
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Excerpt from A Season for Giving:

A SHHH! FROM THE opposite aisle a few rows back drew Christopher’s attention and then a vision in curls captured his attention. “Ev, who is that golden-haired beauty?”

“Viscount Locke’s gel,” Ev said, “Honoria Gilbert. Her mama attempted to marry her off last Season but failed.”

His outlook on tonight’s ball immediately improved. Miss Gilbert’s well-endowed figure was encased in a high-necked gown that constricted his breathing the longer he stared. Were all the men in Town blind? Locke had deep pockets, so a lack of dowry could not be the issue.

“Is she bookish?” he asked, but that hardly diminished her allure. He liked his women to be widely read on more matters than the latest fashion.

“Particular,” Ev whispered back.

“That is an impediment?”

Since she judges every fellow she meets as undeserving, yes.” Nick sounded piqued.

If Nick had tried to win this diamond’s favor and been rebuffed, Christopher understood his eldest brother’s peevishness. It was a rare occurrence. But that lack of success shot the lady higher in his estimation. Christopher took another look.

Her eyes were closed, as were everyone else’s, for prayers were underway. Her fist clenched beside her luscious bosom, she appeared to genuinely entreat the Almighty on an important matter. Then her gaze snapped open and swung to clash with his.

Stone strode with his lopsided gait to the window.

To Capture Love


Quote of the Day: from A Perfect Curse

"The whispers grew louder now."

A Perfect Curse

This winter, picture yourself reading
a brand new historical paranormal romance series…

Quote of the Day: from A Scorching Dilemma

“Some fresh country air might instill a little starch into his backbone.”

This winter, picture yourself reading
a brand new historical paranormal romance series…

The Rue Alliance Series.jpg

In November, I'll be over at Angela's Thankful Author blog. Come on over and check out what I'm especially grateful for, and perhaps share how you were blessed this year.

In fact, during all of November, 60 amazing authors will be there sharing what they're thankful for this year. Come check them out and their books. Perhaps you'll find your next favorite author...

Phoenix, the black kitten from the heartwarming Regency paranormal romance, A Scorching Dilemma, has a tale to tell about his harrowing rescue from the rough streets of London, England in 1814.
On a cool day in May, 1814, at the back of an alley next to an ale house in London, England, a young boy held me upside down, taunting a society lady who had been cuddling me earlier. Then the boy threw me hard to the ground at a mound of horse manure. I thought I was going die. I yowled in terror, but instead of hitting the hard pavement, I landed in the palm of a strong male hand.

Terrified, I clambered up the man’s sleeve and huddled in the crook of his neck, inhaling his musky smoky scent and praying that I would be safe there. You see, people don’t like black cats, not even little ones like me.

Read on and comment on the blog for a chance to win an ecopy of A Scorching Dilemma.

A Scorching Dilemma - 600x900x300.jpg

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If you didn't know me enough already, you can find out a bit more in this interview on Marin McGinnis's Writing Historical blog.

I speak a little bit about the difficulty of doing a remake of Sleeping Beauty - which inspired my Regency paranormal romance novel, A Devilish Slumber, published by Imajinn Books, an imprint of Belle Books.

"The trick with writing a re-make of such a classic story, however, is how to instill a fresh perspective on an age old tale."

http://marinmcginnis.com/2015/09/author-interview-shereen-vedam/ #Regency #fantasy #romancenovels

Ever traveled on a tall ship?

No matter how good the recreation, the experience of travelling on a tall ship would be slightly different today, than in the early 1800s.

Check out A Perfect Curse for a chance to imagine yourself aboard a packet ship -- The Magdalena -- on a journey from London to Cadiz.

there is the hint of a storm on the horizon,
so you may not make it to shore alive!

Here's a tiny excerpt from that sea journey in A Perfect Curse:
Her tight grip kept slipping on the slimy rope ladder. She hiked her skirts again until both her feet could find purchase on the steps. Still on the skiff, Mendal was reciting a gloomy biblical verse in rhythm to Nevara’s every slippery step.

At the top, Lord Terrance pulled her over the railing with a strong heave and a stout, “Well done, Miss Wood.” His mischievous grin and a glance down to his servants suggested he understood her misgivings. His beautiful wife, too, seemed to be hiding a smile.

Nevara was not amused. She had to share a cabin with Mendal during the upcoming voyage. She hoped the lady’s maid would desist from this worrisome praying. She had enough concerns to accompany her all the way to Cadiz.

Below deck, her cabin was no more than five feet wide and six feet in length. She and Mendal would have to share a sleeping pallet. The cot, a tiny table and two chairs were nailed to the floor, reinforcing her belief about the rocky nature of the upcoming journey.

Have you picked up your copy of A Perfect Curse yet?

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Sri Lanka Trip Notes - July 2015

I was on a Sri Lank trip recently and these are my impressions of this lovely tropical country in the Indian Ocean, located slightly southeast off the bottom tip of India.

Sri Lanka Trip Report #1: COOKING
Sarojah (not sure of spelling) was the lady who came to do the cooking at my cousin's place during the weekdays...

Sri Lanka Trip Report #2: all God's CREATURES great and small
On my 2nd day in Colombo, I recorded 3 "creature reports" in my diary.

Sri Lanka Trip Report #3: FACING MY FEARS
I had a lot fears about this trip. First, I wasn't sure what it would be like to go on a 2 week tour ---by myself--- in a foreign country (that had been experiencing internal fighting until very recently), joining a tour group (last time I joined a tour group, it was in Spain and I beefed up on my Spanish only to discover everyone spoke German!), having a roommate I'd never met (what if we didn't get along?), AND the trip included climbing several high places (I'm afraid of heights!)...

Sri Lank Trip Report #4: NAME THAT TUNE!
...for me, the tune that woke me up every morning in Colombo during that first week and last week of my month long holiday was the hauntingly familiar melody of the local bread truck...

You can find lots more photos, taken by one of my fellow travellers, here:

Receiving massages at an ayurveda stop.

Food was excellent, as was the company

I climbed this!

Loved the water...

Very sad to say goodbye.

Praise for A Scorching Dilemma

"I love the fairy tale aspect that Vedam ties into the book. Cinderella story with an awesome spin on it!"
--Chelsea's Reviews on Goodreads

"There's a mystery in this tale that keeps you on your toes. There's the perfect duo of villains, a large family that's willing to go to any lengths to keep each other safe, a boy and a girl in love, and a duke in the center of it all."
--Leah's Reviews on Goodreads

A Scorching Dilemma - 600x900x300.jpg